Friday, January 4, 2013


Assalammualaikum !!
hello people.

today entry gonna be in english or myb BROKEN english or MAYBE rojak2 one , hehe .  bcos i want to win 200myr. pffftt *saja suka2*

No la actually memang nak buat entry pasal ni pon :p

ok attention to all shopaholic like ME ^^ and if u are plus size lady likeME also here u go ~~ i got fine one online shop call Aishop Online plussize and its super duper ossem online shop !

reason why? as per below :

  • The service is super fast, i place an order on 30.12.2012 and their send out to me on 31.12.2012. ^^ but due to some POS LAJU issue i received it on 3rd of january but nevermind its totally pos laju problemm~dont want to talk about it now !
yeay ! :)  its has been wrap nicely.thank you so much !
  • I really2 like the pant material because it sooo comfortable to wear, especially for all muslim lady bcos the material is in good quality for the size also quite big and loose :D 
  • Aishop Online plussize got a lot of choices its not only clothing but got some shoes , bag and accessories.
  • Gentlemen clothings ^^  
  • Got discount for every single purchase !!! 
  • Point collected also for every single purchase !!
  • FREE SHIPPING for purchase of rm 60 and above :)
Here my invoice ^_^

my extra ! thank you for being so kind ^^

yeayy ! here my discount card ! a got RM 5 off for the next order ~~

Calendar at the back :D as u can see there also got their contact number and email address.


PS :

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